Ring In the New Year with a 2020 Lawn Care Strategy

With the new year comes a new opportunity to achieve the lawn of your dreams. The ultimate goal of lawn care is to get a lawn that you are happy with. A lawn that is lush and vibrant. A place for the kids or pets to play. Thick, luxurious grass that makes your home and property pop. Well, to achieve that goal, you’ll need a plan. Here are a few tips for coming up with your 2020 lawn care strategy.

Fertilize Your Lawn All Year

First and foremost is fertilization. Lawn fertilization is the best way to get your grass the nutrients it needs. Three of the most essential nutrients, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), can all be found in any fertilizer. The N-P-K mix will differ from season to season because the needs of the lawn will also change from season to season. The needs are also different depending on the grass-type in your lawn. Making sure you get the right fertilizer for your grass and apply it at the most beneficial time is vital.

Giving your lawn the right fertilizer at the right time has countless benefits for your lawn. Proper nutrition in the spring, summer, and fall results in greener grass, thicker grass, and more resilient grass. A properly fertilized lawn is much less susceptible to pest and disease infestations. It will also be more likely to hold up during stressful times, like times of extended drought.

On top of all this, well-fertilized lawns act as a natural weed deterrent. It is much more difficult for weeds to get a foothold in a healthy lawn. Really, there aren’t any downsides to having a consistent fertilization schedule for your lawn. That’s why step one of your 2020 lawn care strategy should be to establish a lawn fertilization schedule.

Weed Control Boosts Your Lawn’s Health

The next step of your 2020 lawn care strategy is consistent weed control. Most people think of weeds as just an eyesore. An ugly plant that grows and spreads quickly, bringing down the curb appeal of your home. While that’s all true, weeds are much worse than just an eyesore. Here are a few common weeds here in Ohio.

Weeds are nothing more than thieves. Because they grow quicker than grass, weeds rob the grass of sunlight and space. Their roots suck valuable nutrients out of the soil, making it more difficult for your grass to stay healthy. A lawn full of weeds becomes thin and unhealthy overtime. It will be more susceptible to pest infestations and lawn diseases. Weed control is absolutely essential to a healthy lawn.

This year, make a weed control plan for your 2020 lawn care strategy. Start in the early spring with a pre-emergent herbicide. This blocks any overwintering weed seeds in your lawn from sprouting. With the first wave of weeds blocked, the rest of the year will be much easier. Use post-emergent herbicides in the summer and early fall to keep on top of any opportunistic weeds. Finish up the year with broadleaf weed control in the fall. You can even finish up the year with another pre-emergent application to eliminate the final weed seeds of the year.

Revitalize Your Lawn with Core Aeration

Finally, the last part of your 2020 lawn care strategy should be core aeration. This is the perfect lawn care service to give your lawn one last boost in the year. Aeration is a once-per-year lawn care service that aims to revitalize your lawn after a long year of frequent use. An aerator is used to pull out tiny cores of compacted soil. This process also helps break up any excess thatch in your lawn.

Core aeration has many benefits for a lawn. The relief from compacted soil gives the grass roots more space to spread out and grow strong. Gas exchanges, water intake, and availability of nutrients are all improved. Breaking up the excess thatch helps prevent an infestation of pests or diseases that make their home in the thatch.

For cool-season grasses, like the grass types we have here in Ohio, the best time to aerate your lawn is in the late summer or early fall. Scheduling your fall aeration early in the year helps ensure your service, right when you need it.

Land-Art Can Carry Out Your 2020 Lawn Care

The best way to put your 2020 lawn care strategy into action is by partnering with Land-Art. Our experts can diagnose your lawn and come up with the perfect plan to give your lawn exactly what it needs. A lawn care program from Land-Art is the perfect way to achieve all of your lawn care goals. When paired with our aeration services, you’ll have the perfect defense and offense for your turf.

To find out how we can get started, call us at 1-800-336-5296 or request a free quote. Find the best tips on lawn care, pest control, weed control, and more on our blog.