3 Reasons Why Lawn Care is the Best Holiday Gift

The holiday season can be stressful. Heading to the crowded stores in search of the hottest gifts is anything but relaxing. Here at Land Art, we think we found the best holiday gift: lawn care. Here are the 3 reasons why lawn care is the best holiday gift.

Timing, Preparation, and Beating the Rush

The first reason why lawn care is the best holiday gift is a three-fold answer. Timing, preparation, and beating the rush. First, you’ll be beating the spring rush of people looking to sign up for their lawn care program. This allows you to secure your spot in the schedule so you can stop worrying about it.

Getting into the schedule ahead of time allows the pros at Land Art time to prepare for your treatments. Finally, getting ahead of the rush and being secured in the schedule means your lawn gets its first treatment at the perfect time. As a result, your lawn gets a strong foundation of health to start the year off.

Stress-Free and Weed-Free

The best holiday gift this year is the gift of a weed-free lawn with the help of a lawn care program from Land Art.
Who wants to stress out about a weed-filled yard? With the gift of lawn care from Land Art, we’ll help make sure your lawn starts weed-free and stays that way all year. Whether you’re getting the 5 Treatment Program for Ohio lawns or the 9 Treatment Program for Florida lawns, weed control is the cornerstone to our lawn care.

By keeping the lawn free of weeds from the beginning of the year, you’ll be giving your lawn full access to the nutrients, sunlight, and water it needs to grow strong and healthy. A weed-free lawn is a stress-free lawn and a stress-free lawn is a healthy lawn.

A Well-Fed and Pest-Free Lawn

Finally, we keep your lawn is well-fed and pest-free throughout the year. Starting in the spring, the experts at Land Art will evaluate your lawn and give it the nutrients it needs to thrive. Our slow-release fertilizers ensure your lawn will continue to receive nutrients throughout the year. For our Florida customers, we even provide iron supplements to help boost chlorophyll and enzyme production, producing a healthier and more beautiful turf.

On top of being well-fed, we also ensure your lawn stays pest-free throughout the year. Because of this, no more worrying about chinch bugs or other turf-damaging pests. We’ll regularly inspect for and treat for pest problems that arise throughout the year.

Don’t Wait, Get the Best Holiday Gift Today

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving this year by giving the gift of a beautiful, thriving lawn from Land Art. Whether it’s getting ahead of the rush, getting a weed-free lawn, or keeping your lawn well-fed and pest-free, lawn care is the best holiday gift. For Ohio customers, check out our 5 Treatment Program. For Florida customers, consider our 9 Treatment Program.

To get started with the best holiday gift of 2019, call us at 1-800-336-5296 or contact us here. You can also keep up to date on the latest tips and tricks from the experts over at our blog.