Land-Art is a family-owned business that has facilitated beneficial, advanced, and affordable lawn care remedies in Ohio and Florida for 45 years. We work with home and business owners in the Toledo and Naples areas to provide them with the best lawn care services that money can buy. For over 4 decades we have been raising the bar on what quality lawn care is and should be. We provide the best because our customers deserve the best.

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As the days in Ohio grow shorter and temperatures start to dip, you may start to notice groups of insects loitering on the outside of your doors and windows. It looks like these insects are just enjoying the warmth of the sun but that’s only the half of it. These trespassers are sneakily planning an invasion of your home where they will overwinter until spring arrives.

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As summer winds down and you finish up with your summer lawn care schedule it’s time to start preparing for fall. After the long hot summer and plenty of outdoor activities later, your lawn may be showing signs of fatigue. Your first option to restore your lawn may be to fertilize and water but if… Read more »

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Summers in Ohio are hot, humid, and can put a lot of stress on our lawns. If you followed proper spring lawn care then the summer is not going to be as hard on your yard as it could be but that doesn’t mean you can pick your feet up and relax. There’s still plenty more to do to keep your lawn looking good throughout the season and into the next.

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With summer upon us, mosquitoes are out in full force, especially with all this rain we have been seeing this spring. Mosquitos can turn a bonfire or barbecue into a nightmare.

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