Fall Lawn Equipment Maintenance: Getting Your Equipment Winter-Ready

As winter descends on us, it’s essential to properly maintain and prepare our lawn care equipment. Fall maintenance after a year of heavy use is a great way to extend the lifetime of your tools and ensure they will be in working order next spring. For gas-powered machines, like lawnmowers and leaf blowers, will need to be winterized. Here are a few tips for fall lawn equipment maintenance.

Why Should I Winterize My Lawn Care Equipment?

Over the year, our lawn equipment degrades. After a spring, summer, and fall of heavy use, lawn care equipment needs to be cleaned and rejuvenated. Equipment should be cleaned, disinfected, and sharpened if necessary. Gas-powered tools need to be prepared for the freezing temperatures of winter. Take inventory of which tools were used throughout the year and set them aside to be winterized.

    Lawn Care Tools to Winterize Include:

  • Pruning Shears
  • Loppers
  • Edger
  • Lawnmower
  • Weedwacker
  • Leaf Blower

Clean and Disinfect Your Lawn Equipment

Fall lawn equipment maintenance includes cleaning out your lawnmower here in  Waterville, OH.
A year of mowing lawns, trimming trees, and maintaining a lawn is dirty work. It’s very easy to spread diseases to your trees and grass via dirty lawn care equipment. That’s why it’s important to clean and disinfect everything. By cleaning off grass clippings and residue like tree sap, you’ll ensure your equipment continues to perform at its peak.

Start by making a mix of one tablespoon common dish detergent in one gallon of warm water. Clean the blades of your lawnmower, loppers, and pruning shears with a scrubbing brush. Be careful, as these blades are made to be sharp.

Next, it’s time to disinfect. Using isopropyl alcohol, chlorine bleach, or household disinfectants will eliminate any bacteria or fungus and ensure your equipment is sterilized. Once you’ve decided on your disinfectant, make the appropriate mixture if necessary. Chlorine-bleach will need a mixture of one part bleach to nine parts water and will require you to soak the blades for up to 30 minutes. The easiest method is with isopropyl alcohol. Just wipe the blades down and you’re finished.

Winterize All of Your Gas Powered Tools

Winterizing your gas-powered lawn equipment is essential here in Ohio. If fuel is left in the tank over winter, the frigid temperatures will cause water to freeze in the lines, causing extensive damage. Residual fuel can cause corrosion and clogs throughout your machine. In the end, you’ll be paying to repair or replace your equipment.

One method of avoiding this is by removing all the fuel before the winter. You can either remove it manually, using a turkey baster or siphon, or you can simply run the machine until it’s out of fuel. A second option is to add a fuel stabilizer to the tank. Make sure to run the machine for a few minutes to ensure the stabilizer makes its way through the lines and carburetor.

Get Out the Winter Equipment

Once you’ve properly ensured your lawn equipment is maintained and winterized, then it’s time to get out the winter equipment. Make sure your snow shovels are in an easy to reach spot and check that you have a good supply of deicing salt. If you have a snow blower, make sure it’s ready to go. Give it a test run to ensure you’re ready for winter’s worst.

Trust Your Lawn Maintenance to the Pros

Taking care of your lawn can be hard work. If you want to make sure your lawn is getting the best care possible, call the pros at Land Art. Plan ahead for the next spring by investing in any of our lawn care services. From weed control and fertilization to aeration and grub control, Land Art has the options for you.

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