Give Your Lawn a Healthy Boost With These Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is finally here and with it comes the responsibility of taking care of the lawn. What you do for your spring lawn care determines the health and wellbeing of the lawn for the entire year. Having a plan and executing it properly gives your lawn the best chance at growing strong and staying healthy all year. Here are a few helpful hints to help with your spring lawn care.

Prepare the Lawn

The beginning of spring should be dedicated to preparing the lawn to wake up from its winter dormancy. This means clearing away any obstructions and lawn debris. Lawn diseases and fungal infections are common in Ohio lawns during the winter. By clearing away any lawn debris, like leaves and branches, you’re eliminating common hotspots of disease and fungal activity. Raking and removing the litter from the lawn allows the grass to quickly dry out and wake up. Without the stress from diseases and lawn fungus, your grass gets an early boost to its growth and health.

Starting Up Your Sprinklers

One of the most important parts of lawn care is proper irrigation practices. Making sure the grass gets the right amount of water at the right time goes a long way in keeping the lawn healthy and beautiful. A well-hydrated lawn is stronger and more resilient to stress, diseases, pests, and weeds. Making sure your sprinkler system is working properly and efficiently is an essential step to your spring lawn care.

When starting up your sprinkler system for the first time, it’s best to do it slowly and methodically at first. Turn the sprinklers on one zone at a time. Check each zone for any damage or inefficiencies. If the sprinkler system wasn’t properly winterized in the fall, you may find a broken sprinkler head or worse, a ruptured line. Starting up the sprinkler system early means you can fix any issues as soon as possible and ensure your lawn doesn’t miss out on the water it needs.

Spring Weed Control

When the grass comes out of winter dormancy, the weeds aren’t far behind. Being proactive with your spring weed control is a great way to start the year. By hitting them early, you’re eliminating much of the first generation of weeds. Fewer weeds now means you’ll have fewer weeds later.

Pre-emergent herbicides are a great way to start your spring weed control. A pre-emergent herbicide is applied as early in the season as possible. Right now, there are hundreds of weed seeds in your lawn, waiting for the right conditions to start sprouting. Pre-emergent herbicides prevent most of them from sprouting at all. The only downside is that pre-emergent herbicides don’t work on weeds that have already sprouted. Investing in weed control services near you is an excellent way to ensure your lawn is properly protected from the threat of nutrient-sucking weeds.
Henbit is one of the common weeds found in Ohio lawns during the spring, making spring lawn care essential to keep your Ohio lawn weed-free.

    Common Ohio Weeds:

  • Shepherd’s Purse
  • Purple Deadnettle
  • Common Chickweed
  • Henbit
  • Dandelion
  • Crabgrass

Beating the Buzzing Threat of Spring Mosquitoes

With warmer temperatures comes the familiar sound of buzzing mosquitoes. Getting an early start to your mosquito prevention strategy helps reduce the population of these biting blood-suckers. Last year saw a rise in infections of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis. Early spring mosquito prevention and control can help protect you and your family from possible infections.

One of the most effective ways of controlling mosquitoes is by eliminating their common breeding areas. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. This could be anything from a pond to a puddle. Walk around your yard before it’s warm enough for the mosquitoes to come out, looking for any areas where water has collected. Check tarps, clogged gutters, flowerpots, and anywhere that could hold a small amount of water. Dump all of these out or treat them with a mosquito dunk to eliminate the overwintering eggs and larvae. Mosquito eggs only need seven days to hatch and develop into adults, so making this a weekly task is a good way to keep the mosquito numbers down. For more complete mosquito control, invest in mosquito control services near you.

Land-Art Can Help With All of Your Spring Lawn Care Needs

Give your lawn the best care possible this spring by trusting the professionals at Land-Art. Our premium services, like lawn care, weed control, and mosquito control, are all designed to benefit lawns in Ohio and Florida. Our experts are familiar with all of the common issues and threats in these areas, ensuring your lawn has the best protection and care possible.

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