Summer Lawn Care: Tips for Ohio Lawns

Summers in Ohio are hot, humid, and can put a lot of stress on our lawns. If you followed proper spring lawn care then the summer is not going to be as hard on your yard as it could be but that doesn’t mean you can pick your feet up and relax. There’s still plenty more to do to keep your lawn looking good throughout the season and into the next. Here are a few summer lawn care tips to keep your Ohio lawn healthy and beautiful.

Summer Weed Control

Weeds are the scourge of any homeowner and in the summer your yard is under constant attack from stray weeds. That’s why it is so important to make sure your lawn is well watered and well fed so weeds don’t take advantage of weak spots. Summer weed control consists of targeting individual weeds such as crabgrass and dandelions with post-emergent herbicides to prevent them from flowering and going to seed.

Follow Proper Irrigation MethodsProper irrigation is essential to summer lawn care here in Whitehouse, OH.

During the summer your grass needs a consistent source of water for it to thrive and perform at its best. Following proper irrigation methods could save you from dealing with lawn disease and drought stress.

Water Early

We recommend watering early in the morning before the sun is at its peak. This gives your grass enough time to get their fill before the sun dries it up. Refrain from watering in the evening as damp grass and cool nights are perfect conditions for mold and fungus to grow.

Soak Your Soil

It’s not as important to water your grass often as it is to water for a longer time. Deep waterings encourage your grass to grow deeper, stronger roots which leaves them better suited to deal with drought conditions.

Tree and Shrub Care

Proper tree and shrub care is also important in the summer. Trees are susceptible to a number of threats including pests and diseases.

Deep Root Fertilization: Pressurized injections of liquid fertilizer directly into the root system.

Dormant Oil: Applied to trees and shrubs in the spring or fall to kill overwintering insects or eggs.

Pest ControlGrub control is an essential part of summer lawn care here in Whitehouse, OH.

Pests are a huge problem here in Ohio. Not only can they deter you from enjoying your own yard, but they can also ruin your lawn. In Ohio, the worst summertime pests are mosquitos and grub but if you follow proper insect management you can take your yard back from these insects.


Mosquitoes are arguably the worst pest in Ohio. No other pest can bring and an outdoor party to its knees faster. Luckily you can help drive down the mosquito population and it’s very easy. All you need to do is walk around your yard and eliminate standing water from areas like old tires, flower planters, buckets, birdbaths, dishes, ponds, animal waterers, and toys.


If mosquitoes are the most annoying pest in Ohio then the grub is the most destructive. Grubs are the larvae of June bugs and Japanese beetles that live under your turf, feeding on the tender roots until they mature and dig their way out. This feeding can have a detrimental effect on your lawn, causing it to yellow and eventually die in large patches. And that’s not all, grubs attract other lawn destroyers such as skunks, birds, raccoons, and moles who love to feed on these juicy insects.

Call the Professionals

Summer lawn care is a continuous task that can take up a lot of your free time. Let the professionals at Land-Art worry about your yard so you don’t have to. We have comprehensive lawn care programs to solve any problem your yard may face.

Land-Art’s Mosquito and Pest Barrier

Pests are unpleasant and destructive. You can spend a lot of money fighting these pests off to little effect. Why waste your time and money when at Land-Art we offer our customers a mosquito and pest barrier to keep bugs out of your yard and your house and a thorough grub control program to take your yard back.

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