Your Guide to Tree Care in 2021

With the on-going pandemic, many of us are cooped up without the usual activities and gatherings to look forward to. If you’re itching for a new project, why not start planning your 2021 tree care? You’ll appreciate the health and vibrancy of your trees and shrubs and take your mind off current events. Here are some of the treatments available for consideration this year.

Tree Care Tips

Your tree care program will vary depending on your geography. Northern trees need protection in winter, while southern climates need more pest control since they often don’t experience extreme colds that force bugs into dormancy. Below is a recommended regimen for both cool and warm regions. tree fertilizer

Tree Care For Cooler Climates


Springtime is all about prepping your trees for the season. For fertilizers, consider a foliar method. This applies nutrients directly to the tree’s leaves to encourage growth in roots, stems, and buds. Consequently, your trees will have a greater resistance to diseases and periods of drought. Another method of fertilization is deep-root fertilization. Essentially, a giant syringe is used to inject nutrients into the tree’s root system, which means your tree won’t have to compete for nutrients with garden beds or even the grass. If you have any trees that need an extra boost, this is definitely the type of fertilizer you should choose. Another thing to consider in spring is a pest control and fungicide. Applying either will prevent infestations before they go into full swing in the summer.


It’s time to apply more fertilizer to help your trees out in the heat of summer. You should also assess for any insect activity and treat them accordingly. Mites, aphids, scale, and fungi can quickly overwhelm a tree if not dealt with swiftly. Trees can suffer extensive damage or even be killed by these pests. It’s always easier to prevent pests than deal with an existing infestation, so keep careful tabs on your trees and trust your gut if you notice changes to leaves, bark, roots, branches, or growth.

Late Summer

Consider an insecticide that targets skeletonizing bugs. “Skeletonizing bugs” are insects, like earwigs, caterpillars, and beetles, that munch on leaves – leaving behind a lacy skeleton of a plant.

Early Fall

Now that cooler weather is coming around, you’ll need to use an insecticide foliage spray that discourages bugs from wintering in your trees and shrubs.

Late Fall/Winter

In the fall, the name of the game is root feeding. Consider a deep-root fertilizer, as mentioned above, to nourish the tree from the inside and a dormant oil application to protect it on the outside. Dormant oils, also called horticulture oils, protect trees from winter burn. This is caused by harsh winds and dry winter sun. It’s best to apply this early before the winter cold truly sets in. Burlap wraps are another option for shielding trees and roots from the winter cold. Lastly, consider mulching around the base of trees to keep a good layer of moisture in the soil and smother any weeds before they have a chance to grow.

Tree Care For Warmer Climates

With warmer weather climates, like Florida, you won’t have to worry about dormant oils or mulching to protect against cold temperatures. Instead, the focus of your tree care plan should be on pest control and fungus control. Mildew, mold, and fungi thrive in the southern US’s damp climates, but with a solid tree care program, combating them won’t be an issue.

Horticulture Oil

Apply this oil in spring to kill off any insects burrowing that may open your trees up to disease and infection. tree pestiside

Palm Tree Care

Nothing says “vacation” like a grove of palm trees with a hammock tied to the trunks. To keep your palms happy and healthy, apply a palm tree-specific fertilizer in February or March to keep your trees in peak condition all season long and help them grow tall and strong.

Pest Control

You’ll not only need to contend with insects but also with fungi, which thrive in the damp southern humidity. Once you’ve sprayed in the spring, keep an eye on your plants and treat for pests as needed. You may wish to use a micro-nutrient spray, an insect control foliage spray with some nutrients, and anti-fungal properties incorporated into it. Apply this in late summer and early fall as well.

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