2020 Tree Care Plan: The Best Tree Care Tips for a Healthy Landscape

Your trees are beautiful, sturdy features in your lawn. It’s often easy to forget that they need proper care just like your lawn. Developing your 2020 tree care plan can help you ensure your trees have the care they need to thrive this year. Here are a few of the best tree care tips to add to your 2020 tree care plan.

Consistent Tree Fertilization

One of the most important things to add to your 2020 tree care plan is consistent fertilization. Your trees require nutrients throughout the year to help them grow, bloom, and withstand any stresses. Fertilizing a tree can be done in a few different ways. One of the best methods is foliar treatment. Foliar treatments are sprayed directly to the leaves of your trees. The nutrients are absorbed through the leaves where they promote bud, stem, and root formation. Another great method of tree fertilization is called deep root fertilization. This method uses a high-pressure mixture of fertilizer and insecticide that gets injected directly into the root zone of your trees. This method eliminates competition and gets the nutrients directly to the tree.

Pest Control and Prevention

The next thing to add to your 2020 tree care plan is pest control and prevention. Tree-damaging pests wreak havoc on trees every year. These persistent pests spread quickly and are incredibly difficult to eliminate once their population gets out of control. Pests like mites, aphids, and scale can quickly spread throughout your trees, causing damage and even death. Using preventative control, like horticultural oil in the spring and fall, helps manage the pests before they take over. It’s also a good idea to have insecticide applications throughout the year to keep your trees healthy and pest-free.

Protect Your Trees From Diseases

Pests aren’t the only invasive threat to your trees, diseases and fungi can cause extensive damage. If left untreated, tree diseases and fungi can result in the death of your trees. Their ability to quickly spread to your other trees makes disease and fungi control essential to your 2020 tree care plan. Provide your tree with the proper nutrients throughout the year to keep its immune system strong and healthy. It’s also a good idea to have regular disease control for your trees to prevent an outbreak.

Protect Your Tree Roots With Mulch

Adding mulch around your trees is a healthy addition to your 2020 tree care plan.
Finally, a creative way to protect the roots of your trees is by adding mulch. A thin layer of mulch is an excellent insulator against extreme temperature changes. Mulch also helps protect your trees by preserving moisture around the roots. This is especially beneficial in the summer when drought-like conditions are more common. Another benefit is that a thin layer of mulch prevents weeds from growing under your tree. Those weeds are competitors for valuable nutrients, so any extra protection is helpful to your trees.

Land-Art Tree Care Programs Can Help With Your 2020 Tree Care Plan

Having a tree care plan is a great way to manage your 2020 tree care plan. Here at Land-Art, we have tree care plans designed specifically for our Ohio and Florida customers. With a full suite of tree care services and expert technicians, your trees will stay healthy all year long.

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