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Expert Lawn Services in Lewis Center
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As a family-owned & operated company, we genuinely care for our customers, which is why we will schedule visits to your home if needed to address any questions or concerns.

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Owner-Guaranteed Satisfaction

We take pride in delivering high-quality service. Land Art’s owners guarantee your satisfaction with our services and we will work with you to make things right.

Lawn Care in Lewis Center

At Land-Art, we’ve been providing customized lawn care to central Ohio since 1974. We’re familiar with the challenges of lawn care in Lewis Center, and we’ve got the treatments needed to overcome what your lawn faces throughout the year. Whether it’s fertilization, aeration, weed control, or everything in between, we hve everything you need to boost your curb appeal!

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The Land Art Solution in Lewis Center

Our lawn care program consists of six applications that are six to seven weeks apart to provide consistent results. When you trust our continuously trained technicians for expert lawn care in Lewis Center, you can expect the following: 

  • A free lawn analysis with no obligation to buy anything.
  • Slow-release fertilizer applications to keep grass healthy all year long.
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control in the spring.
  • Liquid spot treatments for annual weeds like broadleaf.
  • Winterization with granular fertilizer for healthy growth when spring comes.
  • Add-on options for grub control, aeration, insect control, and fungicide.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a family-owned business, we believe customer service is based on lasting relationships with our local community. When you choose Land-Art, you can count on no charge for service calls regarding your questions and concerns. Our satisfaction guarantee comes straight from the owners of Land-Art, who attest that if you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll do what we can to make it right free of charge.

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Weed Control in Lewis Center

Weeds are one of the most persistent lawn care concerns. The truth of the matter is that they’re not just unpleasant to look at but also crowd out grass roots and steal valuable natural resources from your turf. Unfortunately, pulling weeds is only a temporary fix. Contact our expert team for weed control that lasts! After 50 years in business, our knowledgeable Land-Art technicians are familiar with the recipe for effective weed control in Lewis Center. Our treatments are applied all season long for optimum weed eradication. Land-Art’s weed control regimen includes:

  • Incorporation with our fertilizer treatments for complete care.
  • Pre-emergent control formulated to last longer that is applied every spring.
  • Post-emergent spot treatment to eradicate crabgrass and yellow nutsedge.
  • Follow-up visits throughout the season for comprehensive treatment that lasts.

Aeration & Seeding in Lewis Center

Owning a yard gives you a place to spend time with friends and family, run around with your pets, or use more space for the activities that bring you joy. Over time, a well-used lawn can fall victim to compaction as the soil becomes hardened and common pathways wear away. Meanwhile, beneath the surface, the roots of your grass are suffocated as they struggle to access water and vital nutrients. Then, your grass may start to look lackluster, and thatch will start to build up. Fortunately, core aeration and seeding from Land-Art can bring your lawn back to life. 

Our experienced technicians will aerate your lawn by mechanically pulling plugs of soil. The holes that this leaves behind give soil space to disperse and create easier access to water, fertilizer, and seed while your grass renews. That’s why aeration is followed by overseeding to promote healthy new growth. Benefits of our lawn aeration and seeding in Lewis Center include:

  • Relief from compaction.
  • Thicker, more robust turf.
  • Less water pooling and runoff.
  • More disease-resistant grass.
  • Quick, visible results.

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Outdoor Pest Control in Lewis Center

At Land-Art, we’re well acquainted with the pests that can wreak havoc on your lawn. We understand lawn pest control is an important part of keeping your grass happy and healthy, so we’re proud to offer outdoor pest control in Lewis Center to make sure any insect is stopped in its tracks when trying to enter your home.

Grub Control

Grubs may simply be the larvae of June bugs, but they are the most destructive of lawn pests. They feed on grassroots and attract other digging critters like moles, birds, skunks, and opossums. If you notice more of those creatures in your yard or your grass is rolling up like a carpet, you may benefit from grub control in Lewis Center. 

Our grub control treatment is applied annually to prevent grub infestations in the first place. If you’re already experiencing a proliferation of grubs, we will apply treatment right away and schedule regular treatments. Our technicians are always attentive and will notify you if they see signs you may need to add grub control to your lawn care regimen. Get ahead of grubs and save your turf by scheduling your no-obligation inspection from Land-Art.

Perimeter Pest Control

Are insects making it difficult to enjoy your lawn? Our well-trained Land-Art exterminators are equipped to provide perimeter pest control in Lewis Center for lasting protection. They will apply a barrier around your property and space out visits over the most active pest season so that you and your family have consistent defense from obnoxious critters.

Save 25% on Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control in Lewis Center

Land-Art offers mosquito control services in Lewis Center, which can help eliminate mosquitoes and allow residents to enjoy their yards without interruption. When you trust our team with mosquito removal in your yard, you will get:

  • A comprehensive, free inspection to determine where mosquitoes are breeding.
  • Expert mosquito control technicians that will use the most up-to-date technology to make sure your pests are removed.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee; if pests return, then so do we!

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Treatments

Not only do we provide effective mosquito treatments, but they are also safe for the environment. Our EPA-approved formulas use only the safest and most effective ingredients, meaning you can rest assured knowing your family is safe from harmful pesticides.

Dependable & Hassle-Free Service

At Land-Art, we’re focused on giving you the best service possible for your Florida or Ohio home. Getting effective care for your lawn shouldn’t be a hassle, so we keep it simple with free complimentary service calls. Our satisfaction guarantee comes directly from the company owners, who will work with you if you’re ever displeased with our service.

Looking for Lawn Care around Lewis Center?

We also offer lawn care services in Plain City, OH!

5 Star Review

Though we got off to a rocky partnership with scheduling, I am looking forward to working with Land-Art. I called many other lawn care services, and not one of them listened to my needs. They all had cookie cutter things they read off on the phone and then gave me a price using satellite images. The one company quoted me off of 27,000 sq ft, to which land art noted my yard is closer to 17,000. Marty took the time to come out, walk my yard, and provide a personal assessment with what I needed to be happy with my lawn.

Zachary Schmidt
5 Star Review

Land Art just started our yard this year, within 4 treatments our yard looked incredible. We called to tell them our clover wasn’t dying yet and they came out retreated it literally the next day and it was gone within a couple of weeks. Great price, great quality and great service!

Abiye Ritchey
5 Star Review

Land Art is the best lawn care service in this area. I would highly recommend using them for your lawn. Fair price, good service and great results.

SgtKing King
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