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As a family-owned & operated company, we genuinely care for our customers, which is why we will schedule visits to your home if needed to address any questions or concerns.

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We take pride in delivering high-quality service. Land Art’s owners guarantee your satisfaction with our services and we will work with you to make things right.

Lawn Care in Sylvania

Life in Sylvania gives you a lot of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. A beautiful yard gives you the chance to do so without leaving home, but the pressure to maintain a healthy yard with curb appeal can really put a damper on that joy. At Land-Art, we firmly believe that a yard is an investment that you deserve to find joy in. Our lawn technicians offer full-service lawn care in Sylvania so that you can sit back and relax knowing your yard is taken care of by the best. 


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Sylvania Lawn Care With A Purpose

Our lawn care programs go beyond cookie-cutter routines. They’re designed for the climate and weather patterns of Northern Ohio and are customizable according to your unique needs. In fact, you can get a free, no-obligation lawn evaluation from one of our experienced technicians when you call Land-Art. When you choose a company like Land Art for lawn care in Sylvania, you can expect: 

  • Five applications spread 6-8 weeks apart for consistent results.
  • Slow-release granular fertilizer that keeps grass well-nourished.
  • Pre-emergent control to stop weeds before they germinate.
  • Regular weed control that gets rid of broadleaf, spurge, dollar weed, and more.
  • Ongoing inspections for pests so that we can treat them if needed.
  • Winterization for healthy emergence when spring comes.

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From Our Family to Yours

Land-Art was founded in 1974 to deliver advanced lawn care with dependable customer service. We keep up with the newest high-quality products and solutions because you deserve the best. When you partner with us for lawn care in Sylvania, you’re putting confidence in over 50 years of expertise. As a family-owned business, we understand how important it is for you to trust the service providers that work around your home. All of our technicians are state-certified and receive ongoing training all year long. Our decades of experience include a reputation for prompt service, honesty, and consistency. Our Land-Art team will always treat your yard like it’s their own

Weed Control in Sylvania

Weed control is a delicate balance as you try to preserve your own grass without sparing any unwelcome weeds. This battle lasts all year long, as weeds have their own preferences for when and where they’ll grow. For lasting weed control in Sylvania that stays gentle on your turf, you can call Land-Art. Our weed control treatments start early and go on all season long, including:

  • Combination with fertilization to promote grass that out-competes weeds.
  • Pre-emergent treatment to get ahead of annual weeds.
  • Post-emergent treatments for sedge, clover, crabgrass, and more.
  • Eradication of weeds for a healthier, thriving yard!

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Aeration & Seeding in Sylvania

Similar to the rooms in your home, lawns are subject to regular foot traffic and wear and tear over time. However, your yard doesn’t have the protection of hardwood, laminate, or a nice area rug. Instead, the soil gets compacted over time, and grassroots have less space to breathe and soak up water and nutrients. If your turf is looking sparse or you’ve noticed areas of dry, yellow thatch building up, then it’s time to look into lawn aeration and seeding in Sylvania. Our aeration and seeding service in Sylvania uses a machine to pull soil plugs from your lawn. This creates pockets where soil can expand, and grassroots can easily accept water, fertilizer, and seed. 

We follow up the aeration process with overseeding while the soil is primed for absorption. This fills in gaps in your turf naturally and helps develop stronger connected root systems. Other benefits of lawn aeration in Sylvania include:

  • Softer and more vibrant grass. 
  • Better response to fertilizer application.
  • Disease-resistant turf.
  • Decreased water pooling.
  • Visible results within weeks of treatment as your grass comes back to life!

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Outdoor Pest Control in Sylvania

At Land-Art, we believe in creating magazine-quality lawns that you can actually use. When pests are making themselves at home in your yard, it’s hard to enjoy the benefits of investing in your yard. That’s why, in addition to our extensive menu of lawn services, we also offer outdoor pest control in Sylvania. You deserve to enjoy the yard that you invest in. At Land-Art, the safety of your home and family comes first so that you can reap the benefits of a happy and healthy yard without fear. With our lawn pest control in Sylvania, Land Art technicians are rigorously trained team members who will apply a protective barrier around your home and property and even follow up with re-applications throughout the season. We also offer specific additional pest treatments that can be added to your lawn care program at any time. 

Grub Control

You may not notice grubs on a regular basis, but you’re sure to notice when your grass is so weak that it rolls up like a carpet. These June bug larvae weaken grassroots and attract creatures like foxes, skunks, and moles that love to dig for their food. If you’re concerned about grubs sabotaging your lawn, Land-Art offers annual preventative treatment to protect your turf. And if a grub infestation is underway, our attentive technicians can treat it within a few working days and then annually going forward. Don’t let sneaky grubs undermine your landscape. Contact Land Art for professional grub control in Sylvania and reclaim your yard today.

Tree & Shrub Care in Sylvania

Ornamentals are known for adding property value, but more importantly, they provide shade, beauty, and sentimental value. Professional tree and shrub care ensure that these landscape staples stick around for the entire family to cherish. Our tree service in Sylvania focuses on protecting your plants from drought, pests, and disease. The treatment plan is formulated for the conditions to give your trees and shrubs the best possible care. This comprehensive service includes:

  • Foliar feeding where fertilizer is applied directly to leaves.
  • Targeted insect control to prevent skeletonizing and infestation.
  • Feeding in the fall and winter to strengthen roots.
  • Optional deep-root injection that sends fertilizer directly to root zones.
Mosquito Control in Sylvania

Land-Art provides mosquito control services to help eliminate pesky mosquitoes in Sylvania, allowing homeowners to enjoy their yards without interruption.

  • Our comprehensive outdoor inspection assesses your unique needs and guarantees a personalized solution.
  • We use EPA-approved liquid sprays and targeted larvicides to eliminate mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle.
  • Our mosquito traps are strategically placed to ensure maximum efficacy.
  • Our mosquito prevention and treatment plans are customizable and flexible to adapt to your evolving needs.

At Land-Art, we stand behind our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our expert mosquito control will give you a safe and mosquito-free yard that you and your family can enjoy. Say goodbye to unwanted pests with Land-Art's mosquito prevention in Sylvania today!

Full Satisfaction with Complimentary Service Calls

We believe that advanced lawn care doesn’t need to be complicated. At Land Art, our goal is for expert care to come with outstanding customer service. When you sign up for lawn care in Sylvania with Land-Art, you can also always have your questions and concerns addressed with service calls. There is no extra charge for service calls when you have a concern or question for our team, so feel free to contact our team whenever, and we will visit your home. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is directly from the owners of Land-Art, who agree that should you have a problem with our work, they’ll do what it takes to make things right.

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We also offer lawn care services in Toledo, OH!

5 Star Review

Thank you so much Brandon for the wonderful job

Jim Holey
5 Star Review

Great company ! Excellent service , have had same tech for years, which says a lot about the type of company they are. Most techs don't hang around after the season is over. Had an issue with weed killer getting into flower bed and killed some plants around the border. They came out and looked at it and paid for replacement plants! No hassle just took care of it! They also offer a prepaid plan with a reasonable discount if paid by a certain date. I missed the date due to not being in town, I called them and they still honored it!! TOP NOTCH COMPANY highly reccomend them!! P.S.

5 Star Review

Just like many of you I have tried the big national companies and was very disappointed. My neighbor used Land Art so I switched about 6 months ago. Very few weeds in the lawn, they will come back and treat if you have issues , no problem. All the plants are flowering and thriving, white flies are gone.

Brian Wagner
Florida office location
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