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As a family-owned & operated company, we genuinely care for our customers, which is why we will schedule visits to your home if needed to address any questions or concerns.

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We take pride in delivering high-quality service. Land Art’s owners guarantee your satisfaction with our services and we will work with you to make things right.

Lawn Care in Bowling Green

In a city known for its prestigious college, we know its residents and businesses are smart about lawn care opportunities. With Land-Art, we are confident you will receive top-quality lawn care that includes weed control, fertilization, aeration, mosquito control, and much more. Our lawn care company is so confident that you will be satisfied, and that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our services.


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Bowling Green Lawn Care You Can Count On

At Land-Art, we have 50 years of experience creating natural landscapes for the residents and businesses of Bowling Green. Maintaining a healthy green yard and attractive property takes valuable time and precious energy, free time many of us don’t have. That’s where the professionals at Land-Art come in with expert lawn care in Bowling Green. Allow us to provide you with a durable, weed-free yard through our comprehensive 5-step program. Starting in the Spring and running through the Fall, our lawn care technicians will visit your property every five to eight weeks. These visits include: 

  • Slow-release granular fertilizer that nourishes your grass consistently over time.
  • Prevention and control of hard-to-treat crabgrass.
  • Liquid herbicide to control challenging broadleaf weeds.
  • Inspections conducted throughout the season for lawn surface insects. 
  • Disease prevention and management. 
  • A lawn care company dedicated to providing you with top-quality service!

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Weed Control in Bowling Green

Does anyone really like the sight of weeds in their yard? These annoying eyesores are the bane of every property owner’s existence. Land-Art understands this and knows how challenging it can be. Through experience, we have discovered that prevention is the best way to combat these tricky yard invaders. We offer weed control in Bowling Green through our 6-step lawn care program, starting with pre-emergents in the spring. From there, we include the following:

  • Pre-emergent for the prevention of troublesome crabgrass. 
  • Broadleaf and post-emergent weed control for sedge, spurge, thistle, chickweed, and other bothersome weeds.
  • Season-long treatment to ensure a weed-free yard all summer long.
  • Local, expert lawn care technicians who are knowledgeable and dedicated.
  • Weed-free turf with complimentary service calls between scheduled visits. 

Aeration and Seeding in Bowling Green

A beautiful, healthy lawn doesn’t just stop with fertilizer and control of weeds. Here in Ohio, where we experience mild, humid summers and cold, snowy winters, climate stressors can take a toll on your grass. Sometimes, even the most well-maintained lawns require additional upkeep, including lawn aeration and grass seeding. Our team uses a machine that punches hundreds of tiny holes in your turf, pulling up plugs of dirt. These holes allow sunlight, water, oxygen, and fertilizer to permeate through. Other advantages of our lawn aeration and seeding in Bowling Green include: 

  • Stronger, healthier roots that grow deeper.
  • Reduction in soil compaction allowing critical nutrients, sunlight, water, and oxygen to get through.
  • Decrease in thatch build-up. 
  • Reduction in turf disease and fungi. 
  • Less chance of pest infestations.
  • Reduction in erosion, keeping nutrients in place.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Bowling Green

Bowling Green is home to a multitude of deciduous and evergreen trees. It is also home to a variety of diseases and insects just waiting to destroy the beauty of these elegant lawn pieces. Our team understands just how important these pieces of nature on your property are and has designed a tree and shrub care program specifically to protect and maintain them. Our tree service in Bowling Green is a 4-step process created to conserve and restore your tree’s health and longevity. 

When you invest in tree and shrub care with Land-Art, rest assured you will receive:

  • Foliar feedings introduce fertilizer directly to your plant’s leaves for faster absorption.
  • Insect and disease prevention and control.
  • Fungicide prevention.
  • A fall/winter feeding to strengthen roots and prepare vegetation for winter. 
  • Over 50 years of family-owned, local experience.

Optional Tree Services We Provide:

A high-pressure injection of fertilizer mixed with nutrients, water, and insecticides shot directly into the plant’s roots. Known as deep-root fertilization, this process helps eliminate competition from other plants and ensures year-round growth.

Outdoor Pest Control in Bowling Green

At Land-Art, we make it our goal to create natural landscapes and outdoor staycations. This means eliminating the threat of nagging insects and harmful disease-carrying pests. With Land- Art by your side, you no longer have to worry about outdoor events being ruined by pesky bugs. Our insect control in Bowling Green will protect your family and pets from the wrath of insects, including:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Grubs
  • Stinkbugs
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • And More!

With our lawn pest control, the technicians at Land-Art will apply a protective barrier around your property that will deter these insects from not only navigating around your yard, but from getting inside your home. We offer re-applications throughout the season, so make sure to keep these insects away for good!

Save 25% on Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control in Bowling Green

Get ready to say goodbye to mosquitoes with our expert mosquito control services in Bowling Green. We start with a free and thorough inspection to assess your specific needs and create a customized plan.

Trust Our Mosquito Protection

We also offer mosquito traps for added protection, and with our satisfaction guarantee and free re-treatments, if bugs return, you can trust us to get the job done right. Don't let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun – choose our mosquito treatment and prevention services to enjoy a worry-free summer.

Safe Protection 100% Guaranteed

At Land-Art, our 4 applications start in the Spring and end in the Fall. We treat your entire property and outside perimeters monthly. When you trust our technicians for lawn care in Bowling Green, each application assures you will receive:

  • 30-day protection from harmful bacteria and diseases harbored by pesky insects.
  • Certified, licensed technicians with knowledge of local pests.
  • Use of only safe, EPA-approved products.
  • 100% retreat guarantee!

Looking for Lawn Care around Bowling Green?

We also offer lawn care services in Toledo, OH!

5 Star Review

Great company ! Excellent service , have had same tech for years, which says a lot about the type of company they are. Most techs don't hang around after the season is over. Had an issue with weed killer getting into flower bed and killed some plants around the border. They came out and looked at it and paid for replacement plants! No hassle just took care of it! They also offer a prepaid plan with a reasonable discount if paid by a certain date. I missed the date due to not being in town, I called them and they still honored it!! TOP NOTCH COMPANY highly reccomend them!! P.S.

5 Star Review

Thank you so much Brandon for the wonderful job

Jim Holey
5 Star Review

Had your fertilizer and lawn control service for nearly 10 years and continue to be very satisfied with the services you perform. Numerous neighbors have observed the results and have also become satisfied customers. Keep up the good work!

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