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Trees and shrubs are an essential part of any landowner's property. Not only do they provide oxygen for us to breathe, but they clean the air of toxins, provide homes and shelter for wildlife, and help block out sound and air pollution. These beautiful lawn decorations are also a pivotal point in any yard, accentuating other soft and hardscape elements while also boosting the overall curb appeal of our lawn.

Working with businesses and residents in Ohio and Florida for over 45 years, our technicians provide quality lawn care with complimentary service calls and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here at Land-Art, we understand the importance of tree service and shrub care and know how to proactively maintain and effectively protect them.

45+ Years of Expert Tree Service and Shrub Maintenance

Partner with Land-Art for tree service today, and let us turn your yard into a masterpiece. You can expect:

  • A free inspection of your lawn to assess trees and shrubs in need of maintenance. 
  • Deep root fertilization options for maximum nutrition.
  • Foliage management to maintain the overall appearance of your ornamentals.
  • Healthy trees and shrubs that you can count on.
  • And more!

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Tree & Shrub Care in Ohio

Utilizing only the highest quality products, our experienced and dependable technicians know how to get the job done properly. In Ohio, our tree service is a 4-step process designed to protect your beloved ornamentals from insects and disease while increasing their overall health and appearance. We use a foliar feeding system in which fertilizer is applied directly to plant leaves to promote root, stem, and bud formation. Absorbed much faster than traditional root fertilization, foliar feeding also increases resistance to disease and drought.

*Not available in Plain City, Delaware, Lewis Center, Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, Columbus, Sunbury, or Westerville*

Spring Foliage Treatment:

Our program begins in April with a spring tree and shrub foliar feeding. It provides the leaves with essential nutrients, bug control, and fungicide for overall plant health. 


Summer Foliage Treatment:

Another round of foliage feeding is applied for optimal insect and disease prevention. 


Late Summer Foliage Treatment:

During this time, insect control foliage spray is applied for additional insect and disease control with added nutrients for continued plant health.


Early Fall Foliage Treatment:

As the seasons change, we apply an insect control foliage spray to help prevent bugs from pests from wintering on your trees and shrubs.


Deep Root Feeding (Optional)

In the fall, we apply a round of fertilizer to strengthen roots, preparing plants for winter and ensuring a healthy start in spring. This approach eliminates competition from other vegetation while promoting year-round growth.

Tree and Shrub Care in Florida

In Naples and beyond, we offer a comprehensive 6-step tree and shrub care service designed to keep your palms and other plants pest and disease free year-round. With the Florida weather, your ornamentals can go through rigorous temperatures, so it's important to treat these plants with care. These 6 applications are applied every 6 weeks and include the following:

Nutrition Booster:

Starting within a week of your agreement, we begin with a round of horticultural oil made to destroy disease-causing insects. 


Blooming Formula:

All palm trees on your property will receive a fertilization application for rapid spring and early summer growth. It also includes insecticides for the control of scale and mites.


Pest Protector:

Pest control and fungicide are applied to increase your vegetation’s strength and resistance. 


Micro-Nutrient Spray:

We apply insect control foliage spray as needed with an added fertilizer and fungicide treatment.


Fall Feeding:

To ensure all bugs have been eliminated, another round of insect control foliage spray is applied, including a small number of nutrients and fungicides. 


Horticultural Oil and Nutrition:

We finish with a round of foliar insect control plus nutrients and fungicide as needed.


Optional Tree and Shrub Care Services in Florida

In addition to our highly effective tree service, Land-Art is a lawn care company that also offers several additional services for the protection of your beloved yard ornaments. These include:

  • A powerful 2-step systemic white fly insect control for palm trees.
  • A heavy-duty 2-step systemic fungus control.
  • Seasonal horticultural oil or insect sprays with added nutrients as needed.

Our add-on services can be further customized based on the unique needs of your Florida landscape. 

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Areas We Service in Ohio and Florida

We’ve proudly served neighborhoods in Ohio and Florida for over 45 years and our technicians have mastered the art of customized lawn care for both climates, so you can count on a healthy lawn for all seasons.

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5 Star Review

Though we got off to a rocky partnership with scheduling, I am looking forward to working with Land-Art. I called many other lawn care services, and not one of them listened to my needs. They all had cookie cutter things they read off on the phone and then gave me a price using satellite images. The one company quoted me off of 27,000 sq ft, to which land art noted my yard is closer to 17,000. Marty took the time to come out, walk my yard, and provide a personal assessment with what I needed to be happy with my lawn.

Zachary Schmidt
5 Star Review

Lawn looks great, more neighbors are using Land Art because of the results they see in the neighborhood.

Kent s
Florida office location
5 Star Review

This company is very easy to work with and the customer service is great. I sent an email to have my backyard sprayed for dandelions and they responded within 24 hrs. The service tech called to tell us he wasn't going to get to us that day but would be back first thing in the morning. Always excellent service and provided all the necessary information regarding chemicals and pets so we could talk to our vet about it.

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