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Tips For Fertilizing Your Ohio Lawn

Lawn fertilization is a vital lawn care chore that is essential if you want a lush and healthy lawn. There are many tools in a homeowner’s lawn care arsenal but lawn fertilizer is something you should always have on hand. If you are new to lawn care, you might wonder, “how often do I fertilize… Read more »

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Common Lawn Weeds in Ohio

Nobody wants weeds growing in their lawn, marring its appearance, and ruining curbside appeal. Some weeds are more obvious, such as dandelions and crabgrass, but others like wild violets and speedwell to grow in, looking like beautiful floral additions to your yard. Being able to spot the difference between friend and foe in your yard… Read more »

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Spring Lawn Care Tips for your Ohio Lawn

What does my lawn need in the spring As the snow finally melts away and the grass starts to green up in Ohio, we know it’s time to start thinking about our lawn care goals. If you don’t know where to start with spring lawn care, then you came to the right place. Prepare your… Read more »

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Minimalist Gardening Ideas For Your Toledo Backyard

Minimalist gardening uses a limited number of design elements and presents a simple, relaxing appearance. It is perfect for those with hectic lifestyles or prefer a minimalist home. Whether trying to live a simpler lifestyle or looking for interesting ways to garden, take a look at these minimalist gardening ideas you can add to your lawn care routine today.

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Common Forms of Winter Kill in Bowling Green, Ohio

Winters in Bowling Green, Ohio, can be downright cold and brutal. And not just for us but also for our lawns. Dry air and an abundance of snowfall can spell disaster for our grass, causing what is known as winterkill. Winterkill is a generalized statement that includes several different forms of winter lawn damage. Here… Read more »

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Lawn Care and Landscaping Goals For Ohio and Florida Lawns

Spring is only a few months away, and whether you live in Ohio or Florida, it’s time to start thinking about your lawn care goals for the new year. Lawn care requires a lot of hard work and dedication. At Land Art, we take pride in our work and have been serving our communities for over 45 years. Learn more about our lawn and our tree and shrub care services today.

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Choosing The Best Grass Seed For Your Ohio Or Florida Lawn

Spring is almost here, and that means it’s nearly time to think about overseeding your lawn. Some varietals will do better than others, depending on where you live. Learn about the different varietals that work for both Ohio and Florida lawns.

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Best House Plants For Your Toledo Area Home or Office

While being cooped up in your Toledo home can be disheartening, house plants can help brighten up your living space, clean the air and add more interest to your home. While we wait to get back outside and focus on lawn care, add texture to your home with this list of easy to care for houseplants.

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Skip Weed Control This Winter And You Might See These Eyesores

While most of the country is covered in ice and snow, Florida continues to enjoy sunshine and warm weather. Unfortunately, all that sun means we have to combat weeds all year long. Don’t forget winter weed control or you could see one of these pesky plants in your lawn.

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Trees That Will Stand Out During the Winter In Your Ohio Yard

Winter is here, and that means you can put away the gardening tools and lawnmower for now. You spend a lot of time on your spring, summer, and fall landscapes, but what about your winter landscapes? Most Ohio homeowners don’t worry about their yard in the winter because it’s usually buried under a foot of snow. But there are several trees that pop out against a white landscape giving your yard a new winter appeal. Learn what they are and how to protect your trees and shrubs with Land Art Inc.

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What To Do With All Those Fall Leaves On Your Ohio Lawn?

Here in Ohio, we are proud to be able to experience the change of seasons. For Ohioans, we not only get to enjoy this metamorphosis, but we also get to clean it up! Yes, fall is a time filled with raking, bagging, and coming up with ways to dispose of all those leaves. Fortunately, there are some clever ways to dispose of fall leaves in a way that benefits you. Here’s a list of some environmentally friendly ways to get rid of leaves.

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Do You Need Mosquito Control During Florida’s Winter?

In southern Florida, any time the temperature is above 50 degrees, there’s a chance mosquitoes could lurking nearby – even in the middle of winter. Be sure to protect yourself with mosquito control applications from Land Art Inc.

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Protecting Your Florida Yard and Home From These Common Fall Pests

Florida is a great place to live if you love a temperate climate year-round. But with the great weather and endless outdoor barbecues comes the tradeoff: Florida is full of creepy-crawly creatures. In the fall, these pests start looking for better places to live. This is why we highly recommend taking the time to inspect your home before winter and invest in perimeter pest control so you don’t wind up sharing your home with unwanted Florida pests.

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These Florida Plants Could Be Dangerous to You or Your Pets

In Florida, where temperatures are milder year-round and tropical plants abound, it can be hard to know the difference between those that pose a threat and those that are aesthetically appealing. Land Art has created a list to help you identify and better understand a few of the most common poisonous plants found here in Florida and how weed control can help protect you in your backyard.

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Simple, Easy to Use Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Wipes

Discover a safe, natural way to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes with these do-it-yourself mosquito wipes. Simple and quick to make. Then obtain effective mosquito control from the professionals who serve the Columbus, Toledo, and Naples areas, Land-Art.

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Why It’s Time To Think About Fall Aeration

While aerating your lawn in the spring or summer is fine, fall is the ideal time to aerate. With fall just around the corner, discover the many benefits of having this vital service performed in a month or so.

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