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Tips for Summer Lawn Care

It’s the middle of summer and boy is it hot. Around this time of the year, our yards will be going through a tough time as they battle summer heat stress and drought stress. This isn’t the time to relax and sip lemonade all day. There is still work to be done to ensure your… Read more »

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Create a Stronger Turf With Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration can restore lawns and alleviate lawn problems associated with soil compaction by allowing water, air, and essential nutrients back into the root systems of your grass. At Land Art, our aeration and overseeding services restore your lawn and make it more resistant to drought, pests, and disease.

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Boost Your Curbside Appeal with These Ohio Trees and Shrubs

While living in Ohio might be recognized for Cedar Point and Toledo, fortunately, there are nature-based things that Ohioans can take pride in as well, especially around their neighborhoods and homes. There are a wide variety of trees in our area that homeowners can utilize to create a great return on investment and beautiful landscape… Read more »

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The Development of Grubs on Your Lawn

Grubs are arguably the most damaging lawn pest of all. They are powerful and sneaky, allowing you to go about your life for weeks without noticing that your turf is slowly being eaten and killed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make a difference to grubs whether or not you take great care of your lawn throughout the… Read more »

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Florida’s Most Common Weeds

We live, work, and play in the sunshine state. Everything in Florida is bright and inviting almost all of the time. But no place is perfect. While Florida is thankful to have all the sunshine in the world, it creates the tough job of consistently keeping up with turf and landscaping.  Weeds can be terrible… Read more »

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Fight Off Those Summer Mosquitoes Before They Attack

When it is the middle of the summer and you are throwing that great backyard bash, it might feel like a perfect night – except for the annoying pests that are causing guests to be uncomfortable and want to leave early. Rightfully so, because while there are pests who may be irritating yet harmless, there… Read more »

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Five Crucial Steps to Taking Care of Your Ohio Lawn

When you think about what your lawn goes through during the harsh Ohio winter, it is easy to see how harmful it can be to the long-term health of your soil and lawn. Your lawn, whether that be a business property or a residential property, needs to be treated like your pride and joy.  Now,… Read more »

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Spring 2021 Care for Your Trees and Shrubs

Caring for your trees and shrubs should be part of your yearly spring cleaning efforts and what better time than to start, now in the spring of 2021. Trees provide so much to your landscaping look, but more importantly, they offer incredible environmental additions to the surrounding areas of your home or property. Trees and… Read more »

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Weeding 101: Best Ways to Have a Weed Free Lawn

Weeds can be a real pain for your lawn to try to have to grow around. It’s an issue that everyone has to deal with – especially those pesky dandelions that are wildly abundant here in Ohio. To be completely honest, weeds will never go away. Home and business owners will have to deal with… Read more »

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Keeping Grubs and Moles Off Your Lawn

One of the best things about spring is that your lawn turns into a green, inviting area that events can be hosted at your home. Your lawn or business’s lawn can be used for a variety of events that bring people together! It might be a serious issue though, when your lawn is brown, crunchy,… Read more »

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Spring Tree Care Plan: Tips for Turning Your Trees Green This Spring

In the spring, trees wake up from their long winter nap and prepare to grow. Spring tree care is a great way to help them out. It isn’t so easy being a tree in the spring. Pests, disease, and fungus can all wreak havoc on these vulnerable plants, meaning protection is essential. By following a spring tree control plan, you ensure your trees are set up to succeed this spring. Here are a few spring tree care tips to help give your trees a healthy boost.

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Give Your Lawn a Healthy Boost With These Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is finally here and with it comes the responsibility of taking care of the lawn. What you do for your spring lawn care determines the health and wellbeing of the lawn for the entire year. Having a plan and executing it properly gives your lawn the best chance at growing strong and staying healthy all year. Here are a few helpful hints to help with your spring lawn care.

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Spring Mosquito

Early Spring Mosquito Prevention: It’s Never too Early to Prepare

Mosquitoes are dangerous and annoying pests no matter where you live. These nasty pests transmit dangerous diseases like West Nile virus and eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) every year. With an early spring mosquito prevention strategy, you can free your lawn from these annoying pests. These mosquito prevention tips can help greatly reduce your local mosquito population.

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How To Prevent Snow Mold in Your Lawn

One of the biggest threats to our lawns throughout the winter and into spring is snow mold. As the snow begins to melt, you may start to see spots and patches of mold on your lawn. Preventing snow mold is the best way to protect your lawn. Here are a few tips on snow mold to help you keep your lawn lush and healthy this spring.

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