Your Guide to Tree Care in 2021

With the on-going pandemic, it’s easy to feel cooped up and restless. If you need a new project, why not start 2021 with a solid tree care plan?

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Preparing Your Ohio Trees for the Winter

Are your Ohio trees ready for the upcoming winter? The cold front is almost here and that means it’s time to protect your trees and shrubs so they survive the winter!

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Boosting Winter Curb Appeal: Trees For Your Winter Landscape

Trying to boost your curb appeal in the winter can seem impossible but with the right trees you can make your winter landscapes pop. Check out these trees that can add a bit of color to your yard in the winter. For more help with lawn care, call the pros at Land-Art.

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raking leaves

Creative Ways To Dispose of Fall Leaves

Believe it or not leaves are a lot more useful than they seem. Leaves are packed full of nutrients that you can use to your advantage. Leaves work great as a mulch around your trees and shrubs or as an addition to your compost pile. Leaves are much too beneficial to waste so check out these alternative ways to dispose of fall leaves.

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leaves in the shape of a heart on the grass

Fall Maintenance: Getting Your Ohio Yard Ready For Winter

Fall in Ohio consists of raking leaves before they smother your grass, continue mowing until the first frost, trim your trees and shrubs, defend your yard from fall weeds, clean out your gutters, and aerate your yard. At Land Art, we have over forty-five years of experience dealing with Ohio lawns and the problems they face.

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blue jay on a basket

Attracting Fall Birds

Fall in Ohio is a unique time to observe birds you wouldn’t normally see in the summer. By providing for their basic needs you can increase your chances of attracting these birds to your landscapes. All you need to do is provide a source of food, a source of freshwater, and a place to be protected from harsh weather.

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pest control sign

Overwintering Insects and How to Keep Them Out

As fall approaches, fall pests such as boxelder bugs, spiders, Asian lady beetles, and stink bugs will try to look for a place to spend the winter. If your house isn’t properly sealed, they will make your home their own. At Land Art, we can protect your home with our pest control barrier.

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hands holding a heart

Tips for Summer Lawn Care

It’s the middle of summer and boy is it hot. Around this time of the year, our yards will be going through a tough time as they battle summer heat stress and drought stress. This isn’t the time to relax and sip lemonade all day. There is still work to be done to ensure your… Read more »

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healthy lawn

Create a Stronger Turf With Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration can restore lawns and alleviate lawn problems associated with soil compaction by allowing water, air, and essential nutrients back into the root systems of your grass. At Land Art, our aeration and overseeding services restore your lawn and make it more resistant to drought, pests, and disease.

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hands holding tree

Boost Your Curbside Appeal with These Ohio Trees and Shrubs

While living in Ohio might be recognized for Cedar Point and Toledo, fortunately, there are nature-based things that Ohioans can take pride in as well, especially around their neighborhoods and homes. There are a wide variety of trees in our area that homeowners can utilize to create a great return on investment and beautiful landscape… Read more »

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grub underground

The Development of Grubs on Your Lawn

Grubs are arguably the most damaging lawn pest of all. They are powerful and sneaky, allowing you to go about your life for weeks without noticing that your turf is slowly being eaten and killed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make a difference to grubs whether or not you take great care of your lawn throughout the… Read more »

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Florida’s Most Common Weeds

We live, work, and play in the sunshine state. Everything in Florida is bright and inviting almost all of the time. But no place is perfect. While Florida is thankful to have all the sunshine in the world, it creates the tough job of consistently keeping up with turf and landscaping.  Weeds can be terrible… Read more »

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mosquito swarm at sunset

Fight Off Those Summer Mosquitoes Before They Attack

When it is the middle of the summer and you are throwing that great backyard bash, it might feel like a perfect night – except for the annoying pests that are causing guests to be uncomfortable and want to leave early. Rightfully so, because while there are pests who may be irritating yet harmless, there… Read more »

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