Boost Your Curbside Appeal with These Ohio Trees and Shrubs

While living in Ohio might be recognized for Cedar Point and Toledo, fortunately, there are nature-based things that Ohioans can take pride in as well, especially around their neighborhoods and homes. There are a wide variety of trees in our area that homeowners can utilize to create a great return on investment and beautiful landscape that anyone would stop to marvel at.

Magnolia Trees

These beauties have two-toned pink flowers that will brighten up any home. They grow tall, up to about 80 feet in height when fully grown, but what’s even more impressive is how well the branches grow. Their branches can grow up to almost 50 feet in their width. Imagine having 50 feet of blooming flowers covering your lawn! These trees also live for as many years as they can grow tall, some even make it to 120 years of life. Planting this tree will not only allow you to boost your curbside appeal but its legacy will live long after you leave the home. 

Japanese Maple Tree

While this tree might not grow as tall as Magnolia trees, they are just as incredible to look at. There are 400 documented varieties of this particular tree, and they rise about 15 to 25 feet high. This tree originated in Japan, as per the name, and it takes its time to become fully grown. The Japanese Maple Tree is so eye-catching that it can easily be used to attract attention to your garden, your backyard, or a specific part of your landscaping.

Witch Hazel Tree 

With a unique name like this, who wouldn’t want to have this featured in their garden? Unlike the previously mentioned trees, this one is closer to a very large shrub than a real tree. It grows just 12 feet in height sometimes, but in other instances has been documented to grow up to 30 feet. The real beauty of the Witch Hazel lies in the petite-petal yellow flowers that grow in tiny clusters around the bush. These flowers tend to bloom in the fall but will last almost half the year, making it a staple in your landscaping.

Crabapple Tree 

These trees are of the Malus species and can grow up to 25 feet. The flowers range from reddish to white in color and bloom from the middle of April to early June. You’ll want to steer clear of over-fertilizing this tree to prevent excessive weeds from developing around it. A plus to this beautiful tree is that songbirds use it for food so your property will be surrounded by calming nature noises while it blooms. 

Do You Have Incredible Trees to Protect? Call Land Art Today!

Land Art knows that every tree you planted with the intent to boost your curbside appeal will need to be protected to ensure you and your family can enjoy it for as long as possible. Our ornamental tree care treatment process will keep your trees safe throughout the spring and well into the fall so they can bloom in peace. 

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