Fight Off Those Summer Mosquitoes Before They Attack

When it is the middle of the summer and you are throwing that great backyard bash, it might feel like a perfect night – except for the annoying pests that are causing guests to be uncomfortable and want to leave early. Rightfully so, because while there are pests who may be irritating yet harmless, there are pests such as mosquitoes that can carry a variety of harmful diseases. 

Several things can attract bugs like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, and you can never know what they are carrying. Protecting yourself and your family is an important job, so you shouldn’t ignore the problem until it’s too late. 

It can be easy to assume mosquitoes will just leave a surface bite that will itch for a day or so, but they carry a number of diseases that have no vaccine or cure. We’re going to dive into those diseases, viruses, and what attracts pests to your yard. 


West Nile Virusmosquito on skin

This is caused specifically by mosquitoes and doesn’t yet have a vaccine, which is why it can be frightening to subject yourself, your family, your guests, or your pets to something like this virus. The symptoms include things like body aches and a fever, which usually subside on their own, however, if you could prevent this from happening in the first place, why wouldn’t you?


Zika Virus

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that mosquitoes are only an issue at night, like around a campfire or when you are enjoying the stars. But the Zika Virus is something that is transmitted through infected mosquitoes who primarily come out during the day. This means that people in your home are at risk at all times, like during your morning coffee on the patio or while you are playing on the swing-set with the kids. 


What Attracts Mosquitoes standing water in a pot

There are a number of things that can attract these terrible pests. Water is the number one thing that will draw mosquitoes to your home or outdoor area. Items such as backyard pools, ponds, fountains, leftover rainwater, or even flower pots will attract mosquitoes. Even something as simple as a clogged rain gutter can create a breeding ground for disgusting pests to make a home where yours should be. 


Creating a Pest-Free Environment

There are some steps you can take at home to try and keep your home safe. Some at-home actions you can take to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor spaces include using fire, such as bonfires or tiki torches since mosquitoes notoriously stay away from fire. Other actions include essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus, which will create an aroma that is off-putting to insects. 


If you don’t want your party ruined by pests, you can call Land Art for our professional help.

While there are a few short-term, one-time steps that you can take to repel mosquitoes and other insects temporarily, there are better ways to keep your home the safe space you want it to be. Land Art has the most up-to-date, professional-grade equipment and treatment plans, and one of them is right for your lawn. Our team is trained and prepared to apply multiple treatments to your grass all season long. 

When you are ready for your home or outdoor space to be pest-free, you can call Land Art at 1.800.336.5296, or reach us on our contact page for a free quote! You can find us on Facebook if you are interested in learning more about our company on social media.