Florida’s Most Common Weeds

We live, work, and play in the sunshine state. Everything in Florida is bright and inviting almost all of the time. But no place is perfect. While Florida is thankful to have all the sunshine in the world, it creates the tough job of consistently keeping up with turf and landscaping. 

Weeds can be terrible and put a damper on all of the beautiful weather. Weeds are like a bad cold. Once one yard has them, it gets passed around from turf to turf. This can significantly impact the exterior of your home and cause a myriad of allergies that make any outdoor activity miserable. 

Florida is full of unique weeds, and it’s great to know how to identify them so that you can understand how to take care of them. The more you know about the problem, the more you can arm yourself with preventative and repelling measures.

The Asiatic Hawksbeard Weed

This weed has quite the name! Its flowers are yellow and orange, or a mix of the two. It might be a little uncomfortable when pulled because of the tiny spikes on the leaves’ edges. 

Crude Carpetgrass

When looking around a yard for this weed, it can be identified by smooth leaves and rounded tips, resembling the petals of a flower. This particular weed can even attract centipedes. 


This one has a cute little name of two words that you might recognize combined. But it’s not cute and fluffy, nor does it belong in a salad. Dogfennel has a slight resemblance to feathers, almost like a flower that is made out of feathers. 


It appears mainly in the summertime, but it’s always summer in Florida. The funny thing about this one is that there are a variety of species that are considered Dollarweed. You can easily identify these by the round, short leaves, and the bright green color. 

Garden Spurge

It is in your best interest to really keep an eye out for Garden Spurge. It has harsh, hairy stems and sharp teeth around the edges. You won’t want to be caught pulling these without some personal protective gear!

Shiny Cudweed

This can be a year-round weed in any of its home states, including (especially) Florida. These leaves can be bright and shiny, almost pretty on the surface. You can identify them by the unique white hair growing beneath that beautiful green color. Shiny Cudweed mainly resides in the southern part of Florida

Having a Hard Time Identifying and Targeting Weeds? Land Art is Here for You 

Land Art has a team of highly trained professionals that will come out to your home, business, or outdoor space to assess your property, give you a quote, and take care of any weed control issues you might be having, all summer long. At Land Art, we know it’s a time-consuming and grueling task to pull all your own weeds, and even tougher to figure out how to prevent them all season (especially since weed season is every season in Florida). So we are here for your weed control needs. 

We can be found through social media on our Facebook page, or you can contact us right here on our website. Rather speak with a human and discuss options for your lawn? You can call us at 1.800.336.5296 to have a conversation about your lawn’s needs.