Keeping Grubs and Moles Off Your Lawn

One of the best things about spring is that your lawn turns into a green, inviting area that events can be hosted at your home. Your lawn or business’s lawn can be used for a variety of events that bring people together!

It might be a serious issue though, when your lawn is brown, crunchy, and extremely unappealing. Grubs are little white bugs that hide themselves in the deep roots of your lawn’s soil, causing your grass to die during the spring. Typically, no one wants a brown and unattractive lawn in the spring.

Identifying Grubs

For the most part, it is pretty easy to check through your lawn and figure out whether or not you have enough of a grub problem that warrants some action. The general rule is if there is enough grub per square foot to cause an issue such as browning grass and spots that won’t grow, you have a grub problem.

You as a homeowner or business owner can easily check for this spring pest in your lawn yourself, or it’s a quick call away to contact a pest control professional to have it done for you.

Grubs feast of the roots and soil under your lawn – if your lawn visibly has a “rolling” effect, it’s a good sign that you have grubs. These signs should be fairly noticeable. It’s not hard to miss that your once bright green lawn is now sad and discolored.

Another way to know you are having grub control issues is if other types of animals such as moles and birds have been consistently attracted to your lawn. If, after dark, you tend to see moles burrowing through your yard or even if you just see those burrow holes that the pests leave behind.

Preventing Grubs

It’s always a good idea to stop a problem before it happens. Staying ahead of the issue is the number one way to ensure your lawn won’t be the talk of the town for the wrong reasons this spring. Treating your lawn before, during, and at the end of the warm months is a great way to ensure you can show off your property proudly – whether that be to friends and family or to your clients.

Killing grubs can be done with carbaryl or trichlorfon. These can be found in grub control sprays and other products like fertilizers. When applying these on your own, be sure to wear gloves and other personal protective equipment to keep yourself and those around you safe. It’s also important to keep your lawn watered and sealed off for at least a day to make sure pets and children are protected as well! Once your lawn is fully dry, you will know it’s safe to continue to use it for events and playing with family.

Understanding When You Need Professional Assistance

Controlling grubs can be truly difficult. Even attempting to identify when you have the need for a professional treatment can be hard! That’s why Land Art is available to help you as often as you’d like.

We have special professional methods that allow for you, your family, and your businesses to stay grub free all year long. At Land Art, we even have methods that can happen in the winter months as an incredible way to get a head start on preventing those pests from the very beginning, before they get a chance to lay their eggs and ruin your chance at a wonderful lawn.

You can feel free to look us up on Facebook or Twitter for more information or reach out right on our contact page to schedule an appointment today! We even offer free consultations. We want your home or business to be crisp and clean!