Minimalist Gardening Ideas For Your Toledo Backyard

The minimalist movement has been picking up steam over the last decade in Toledo as people become more aware of their ecological impact. More and more people across the country are cutting back and using less. A big part of reducing your carbon footprint is to plant your own fruits and vegetables. This cuts back on trips back and forth to the grocery store. Adding minimalist gardening to your lawn care uses a limited number of design elements and presents a simple, uncluttered, and relaxing appearance. It is an excellent gardening style for those with a very busy lifestyle or who prefer a minimalist home. Whether you are trying to live a simpler lifestyle or just looking for some interesting ways to garden, take a look at our ideas for minimalist gardening. 

The Raised Garden Bed

Minimalist gardening is all about space and how to utilize it. Raised garden beds are a great way to use a small amount of space, reduce weeds, and grow the vegetables you love. Raised garden beds are popular amongst Toledo gardeners for a number of reasons:

  • They are easier to weed
  • Better water retention in areas that have sandy soil
  • Better drainage in areas with clay soils
  • More growing space for plants
  • No soil compaction from foot traffic
  • Easier to control pests
  • Less soil erosion
  • Customizable soil

Add a Vertical Garden to Your Toledo Property

When space is at a premium, you need to develop some clever and creative solutions. At the turn of the century, architects answered this problem in crowded cities by building taller. If you are tight on space and don’t have much room for a garden, build up. Vertical gardens are all the rave right now and are a great way to save space and grow more vegetables. Some great objects to use as vertical gardens are milk crates, old furniture, trellises, repurposed gutters, and wooden pallets. So go ahead add these to your lawn care routine.

Try a Lasagna Garden

Living a minimal lifestyle means that you have to rely more on Mother Nature. Gardening is one of the essential pillars of any eco-friendly lifestyle. But if you don’t have a garden, it can be a real pain to start from scratch. Digging up sod and hauling rocks can be backbreaking work, but there is an easier, more environmentally-friendly way to create your garden. Lasagna gardens are an eco-friendly way to create your own garden without any backbreaking labor. 

Lasagna gardens take at least a couple of seasons to prepare and therefore are best to add to your lawn care routine in the fall so they can be ready in the spring. Lasagna gardens are simple. Think of them as a spread-out compost pile. Start by laying down compostable matter such as leaves, grass clippings, and cardboard in alternating layers like making lasagna. Over time, the materials will break down and turn into dirt, which you can then plant your vegetables. The best part about this method is that you don’t have to pull up any sod and have an excuse to compost. 

Utilize Indoor Herb Planters

When space is at a premium, we use whatever space is available. Window sills are prime real-estate when it comes to growing plants indoors. Most sills are too small to support potted plants, but herb planters are perfect. Herbs don’t require a lot of space, and you can have several of them planted together. Imagine cooking a homemade meal and reaching over for some fresh basil or thyme. If you love gardening and cooking, an indoor planter is a must-have. 


Xeriscaping is the term for gardening or landscaping that reduces or eliminates the need for water. It is popular in regions like the South West that have limited freshwater supplies and is growing in acceptance as more places are affected by drought and climate change. Even though we don’t usually have prolonged droughts here in Toledo, Ohio, we can certainly do our part to reduce our need for water. For our clients in Florida however, we have many tropical plants that require large amounts of water. Check out these native Florida plants to help with your xeriscaping plans. 

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