Spring 2020 Care for Your Trees and Shrubs

Caring for your trees and shrubs should be part of your yearly spring cleaning efforts and what better time than to start, now in the spring of 2020. Trees provide so much to your landscaping look, but more importantly, they offer incredible environmental additions to the surrounding areas of your home or property.

Trees and shrubs can become the center point of any yard. When you plant them, you hope that they will last for years to come, but that only happens when you put forth the best effort into caring for your trees and shrubs.

Trees and shrubs can rid the air around you of toxins, protect wildlife by providing shelter for them, and provide shade from the intense sun for you and your family. Did you know that having trees shading your home can lower your home temperature by eight to 10 degrees? Imagine the savings that could come from properly taking care of them! Great landscaping with several trees and shrubs can even up the return on investment for you properly. 

Tree and shrub care can start with shielding your greenery from pests, dehydration, drought stress, disease, and more. To go deeper into how to care for your trees and shrubs so that they live a long and healthy life, keep reading for the best spring 2020 tips and tricks. 

Caring for Your Trees and Shrubs Throughout Spring 2020 

When taking care of your trees and shrubs, it’s important to remember that treating your greenery starts from the roots. Your foliage can make or break the look of your landscape. Choosing to use the foliar feeding method to apply fertilizers right onto plant leaves can truly promote root health, stem health, and bud formation to continue to grow your beautiful garden. This method can especially help reduce the amount of disease or drought issues within your trees and shrubs as well — which can slow the need for constant tree care during spring 2020. 

Seasonal Treatments 

It’s essential to care for your trees and shrubs more several times a year and during every season.

Spring foliage treatments can include spraying leaves with the essential nutrients needed to thrive and grow, bug control to be sure they can be protected from diseases, and fungicide treatments to promote the overall health of your plants. This can continue as great tree and shrub care throughout the summer, with foliage treatment that targets the same areas, ensuring it’s protected through the warmer months.

Late Summer and Early Fall Tree Care 

When the seasons change, so do the needs of your plant, tree, and shrub care. Different insects need to be targeted, and trees require different and more nutrients as the seasons go. Spraying for late summer and fall insects can help allow your greenery to have good health all year long — not just in the warm months of the year. 

When we get into the autumn months, tree care shouldn’t go out the window. There are plenty of options to treat your trees and shrubs to ensure they can bloom much more easily during the spring of next year. This can include feedings that will strengthen roots and prepare the plants for winter.

Land Art is Here to Care For Your Trees and Shrubs

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