Spring Tree Care Plan: Tips for Turning Your Trees Green This Spring

In the spring, trees wake up from their long winter nap and prepare to grow. Spring tree care is a great way to help them out. It isn’t so easy being a tree in the spring. Pests, disease, and fungus can all wreak havoc on these vulnerable plants, meaning protection is essential. By following a spring tree control plan, you ensure your trees are set up to succeed this spring. Here are a few spring tree care tips to help give your trees a healthy boost.

Early Spring Tree Maintenance

Pruning your Ohio trees is an essential step in spring tree care.
In the early spring, it’s a great time to give your tree some basic maintenance. Trimming and pruning is a great way to give your tree a little boost this year. Before the leaves start growing back, it’s a good time to get a good look at the overall structure of your tree. Check the bare branches for any damage or disease. You may even decide to lift the tree or change the shape entirely.

While they may seem like it, pruning and trimming are not the same and are used to address different issues. Pruning is a precise way to free up resources in the tree by eliminating unnecessary, damaged, or diseased branches. It is often used to give younger branches, toward the interior of the tree, more access to sunlight and air. Trimming is a bit less precise and is usually reserved for eliminating larger branches that have been damaged or have become dangerous. To get more lawn-space, you could even lift the tree canopy by trimming away the lower branches. This gives you more green space to use in your property.

Adding Mulch

A simple, but beneficial, thing you can do for your trees this spring is add a layer of mulch around them. Mulch isn’t just a superficial service, it’s actually great for the tree. Mulch around your tree helps preserve moisture so you don’t have to water as often. It also protects the tree from dangerously fluctuating temperatures throughout the year, keeping the roots safe from harm. It even prevents weeds from growing. Without these stressors affecting your trees this year, plant-growth will be strong. Not only will the mulch add a pop of color to your property, but it’ll also highlight your beautiful, healthy trees.

Spring Pest Prevention and Control

Scale, and other tree-damaging pests, can be controlled with spring tree care services from Land-Art here in Ohio.
Here in Ohio, we’re all too familiar with tree-damaging pests. Pests have been decimating our trees for decades. The emerald ash borer alone has killed between 150-200 million trees across America. Ensuring your trees are pest-free at the beginning of the year is absolutely essential.

Tree-damaging pests overwinter on the branches and bark of your tree. When the temperatures rise this spring, they emerge from dormancy and immediately begin to damage your tree. If not addressed immediately, these pests multiply and spread to the other trees around, causing massive damage over the years. Preventative pest control sprays for your trees are the way to go. Whether you go with dormant oil or a spring foliage treatment, the benefits of early pest prevention can’t be overstated. Protect your trees from early stress by investing in spring tree care, with pest control, near you.

    Tree-Damaging Pests in Ohio:

  • Spider mites
  • Lace Bugs
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Aphids
  • Scale
  • Webworms
  • Whiteflies

Tree Care Programs From Land-Art Offer the Best Spring Tree Care Solutions

If you need extra help with your spring tree care, then it’s time to invest in tree care services near you. Here at Land-Art, we offer the best tree care programs to suit your individual trees. With perfectly-timed spring tree care services as well as summer and fall tree care, your trees are sure to have a healthy and productive year.

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