Tips for Summer Lawn Care

It’s the middle of summer and boy is it hot. Around this time of the year, our yards will be going through a tough time as they battle summer heat stress and drought stress. This isn’t the time to relax and sip lemonade all day. There is still work to be done to ensure your yard stays healthy and green throughout the rest of the year.

Summer Weed Control

If you are a homeowner, you know that the battle with weeds is never over. Crabgrass, dandelions, and other weeds are constantly looking for a way into your lawn. That’s why summer weed control is so important. The weeds that sprout in the summer will turn to seed in the fall and spread thousands of seeds across your lawn. Those seeds will lie in wait until the warm temperatures of spring return once again, and they take over your yard. Summer weed control is quite easy as long as you are consistent and determined to win the war on weeds. All you need to do is target stray weeds with a post-emergent herbicide spray that kills weeds but not your grass. Killing just one weed can prevent hundreds if not thousands of new weeds from sprouting in the spring. 

Follow Proper Irrigation Methods

Weed control is nothing without proper irrigation. Our lawns are susceptible to high temperatures and prolonged dry spells. When our grass starts to show signs of stress, it will wilt and turn brown. This gives seeds that have been lying dormant in the soil a chance to germinate. Proper irrigation methods include:

  • Watering Earlier in the Day: Water your lawn early in the morning to allow it time to soak into your soil. Watering in the afternoon causes too much water to be lost to evaporation, and watering in the evening will make your lawn vulnerable to mold and disease during the night.
  • Soak Your Soil:Watering your lawn for a longer amount of time allows the water to soak deep into the ground, which encourages root growth and better prepares your grass to tolerate drought conditions.

Grub Control

Grub can be a big problem in the summer in both Ohio and Florida lawns. During the summer, it is essential to check your yard for grub activity if you start noticing the signs. Grubs are the larvae of beetles like the June bug that feed on your grass’s tender roots until they reach adulthood and tunnel their way to the surface. A large amount of grub feeding can have a huge impact on your lawn, causing it to wither and eventually die in large swaths. The presence of grub also attracts animals like skunks, birds, raccoons, and moles who love to dig up your yard to reach these insects.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes have a long history of being the worst backyard pest. That is especially true for Florida homeowners. We all know that mosquitoes are dangerous as well as annoying. An easy way to control mosquitoes in your yard is to check it for standing water. Everyday objects that can be turned into mosquito breeding grounds are birdbaths, gutters, flowerpots, buckets, tarps, ditches, old tires, patio furniture, pools, ponds, and fountains.

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