Weeding 101: Best Ways to Have a Weed Free Lawn

Weeds can be a real pain for your lawn to try to have to grow around. It’s an issue that everyone has to deal with – especially those pesky dandelions that are wildly abundant here in Ohio. To be completely honest, weeds will never go away. Home and business owners will have to deal with plenty of weed control methods every year.

It’s better if homeowners just accept that it’s a reality and try to get as much of a head start on fighting this lawn problem as possible. When spring shows up, weed control for your lawn won’t be too far behind it.

There are a number of ways this problem can be taken care of. Land Art has developed an extensive four step strategy that can be used to fight a wide variety of weeds and help customers get the lawn they deserve!


Preventing Weeds Should Be Your Priority

Everyone knows that if you work to stop a problem before it happens, then you won’t have a problem to deal with later. Using this method can be so much less stressful than waiting until you are overwhelmed with a lawn full of weeds to control in a big way.

During spring time, whatever weeds have left their seeds from fall will come to life again. To start early and make sure that this does not happen to your beautiful lawn, an early application of weed control methods can be applied to your lawn. This would allow for most of your lawn’s weeds to be killed before they even show their ugly heads.

Once this happens, you as a home owner or business owner will have a lot less to worry about when it comes to getting rid of the weeds that make it through. This ensures that it’s very unlikely you’ll have many weeds at all. While complete weed control in the spring for your lawn cannot be fully guaranteed, this will help suppress as many as it can.


Strategies That Work with Confidence

Keeping your grass hydrated can be an incredible weed control method. When your lawn and soil are properly watered, your turf can get the nutrients it needs to flourish properly and fully.

When weeds are starting to pop up in your area, it’s a good idea to steer clear of planting new grass during that time. This will prevent your new, fresh lawn from be subjected to spring weeds from the get-go.

 Another great weed control method is to raise your mower deck during spring weed season. You can feel free to lower it again after weeds like crabgrass have set their seed, allowing for the mower to collect clippings.


Caring for Your Lawn

Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize! It’s pretty common knowledge that regularly mowing and watering your lawn is a good best-practice but using both pre-season and post-season fertilizer will get you the best turf results possible!


Calling Land Art for Professional Weed Control

Here at Land Art, we have the perfect program to treat all kinds of weeds in your area. Whether you are an Ohioan or Floridian, we know the weeds in your area very well. Proper weed control is one of our top expertise.

 For a consult or to contact us, please visit our contact page to request a quote. You might also consider checking out our Facebook page or Twitter account to get to know us a little better. If you are a little more traditional, we are available by phone at 1.800.336.5296.