Why You Should Add “New Lawn” to Your New Year’s Resolution List

Looking for a New Year’s resolution idea? Give your yard a makeover in 2021! From pest control to fertilizer, there are many ways to spruce up your backyard. Many people are spending far more time at home with the on-going pandemic. If you fall into that category, why not rejuvenate your yard and turn it into your personal paradise?

New Year, New Lawn!

Many of us are working from home for the foreseeable future. While the lack of commute is nice, the view from your at-home office may be lacking. Yardwork often becomes the thing we’ll get to later once other chores are done. Now that you’ve got more time at home, you may as well make the most of it. Here are just a few of the treatments you can do to improve your yard and enjoy it fully.

Core Aeration

Over time, your soil becomes compacted from repeated foot traffic and thatch build-up. Compacted soil makes it difficult for water, nutrients, and air to make their way to the grassroots. Consequently, your lawn will slowly suffocate. To combat this problem, schedule a core aeration treatment. Your lawn care professional uses a specialized machine that removes small plugs of grass from your lawn. The holes left behind help loosen the compacted soil and help water penetrate the surface. These plugs are then scattered on the lawn’s surface, where they will break down over time, providing natural fertilizer.


Overseeding often accompanies aeration. Overseeding is the process of dispersing turfgrass seed over the existing lawn to fill in bare spots. More affordable than sod, overseeding will improve the look and texture of your lawn, reduce soil erosion, and even prevent weeds. A healthy layer of thick grass prevents the sun’s rays from reaching the soil. Therefore, it’s more difficult for weeds to take in nutrients and germinate.

Weed Control

Even if you get a late start on weed control, it’s never too late to accomplish as part of your new year resolutions for 2021. That’s because weed control comes in two different forms: pre and post-emergent. Pre-emergent weed control should be applied first thing each season before weeds have had a chance to emerge – hence the name. Post-emergent will treat weeds after they’ve sprung up. Many people are hesitant to use weed control because they fear it will harm other plants. While this is a valid concern, you don’t need to worry. Choose selective weed control for areas like garden beds. Selective weed control only affects weeds and leaves your flowers undamaged. Non-selective weed control will kill any plants it touches, ideal for those hard-to-reach areas like cracks in the driveway or along fences.

Tree And Shrub Care

Trees are more than just a lawn ornament; they’re an investment. They take years to reach their prime, unlike grass that germinates a matter of weeks. Trees provide shade, filter out toxins from the air, and add to your property value. Give your trees and shrubs a boost with a mulch layer, deep-root fertilizer, and dormant oil application. Mulch helps the surrounding soil retain moisture even into the colder months when the air is dry. Deep-root fertilizer is injected into the tree’s root systems, so it won’t have to compete with grass for nutrients. Dormant oil helps prevent winter burn.

Mosquito Control

Citronella torches and bug spray is only so effective against the dreaded mosquitoes. Not only are these critters annoying, but they’re also deadly. Biting female mosquitoes can carry diseases like West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and more. Ditch the bugs this year and treat yourself to professional mosquito control. Landscaping professionals can set up a perimeter around your entire yard to keep out mosquitoes for weeks. Plus, they’ll treat existing mosquito infestations, killing both adults and larvae.

Accomplish Your New Year’s Garden Goals With Land Art

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